Touting Pence and Palin sign of underlying problem with value voting

The New York Times and CBS News are reporting that a straw poll taking at the annual Values Voters Summit showed a preference for U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R., Ind.) for president and vice-president. The discontinued governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin (R.) came in second for vice-president. At least the summit had the presence of mind to put her in last place for president.

Personally, I like Mike Pence. He’s a boring straight-shooter so I know where he is coming from. Unfortunately, he is the typical politician, constantly catering to the fears of the electorate rather than leading us to the light of reason.

The main reason why neither he or Mrs. Palin cannot lead this or quite frankly any other government that leads a market-based economy is that, well, neither he or Mrs. Palin have demonstrated that they even understand how a market-based economy works. Neither would-be candidates have even made economic growth a priority.

From this poll it appears that the values voters types ( a code word for “we’re not sophisticated enough to think beyond issues that belong in church and the bedroom) don’t care about promoting commerce. Just look at their priorities: abortion (bedroom, church, police power issue); protection of religious liberty (code phrase for Christian only, everybody else get out); and national security(essential role of government but defense doesn’t grow the economy).

I admit that repealing Obamacare is a good idea, but from an economic growth standpoint, it shouldn’t be at the top of any list. Cutting federal spending does not necessarily translate to growing the economy unless you can show me that you are reallocating savings to income generating activity.

What Pence, Palin, and the value voters can’t get their heads around is that this country is that the premise for this country’s constitution is the promotion of interstate commerce. In America, it’s about economic growth. That is our core value. Yes, faith in God gives us the juice to produce, but we should not be inundating government policymaking with social value discussions.

About Alton Drew

Alton Drew brings a straight forward and insightful brand of political market intelligence. Alton Drew graduated from the Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in economics and political science (1984); a Master of Public Administration (1993); and a Juris Doctor (1999). You can also follow Alton Drew on Twitter @altondrew.
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