The Cloud is our new god; the hashtag our new chapel

About 15 years ago I was a reporter covering a technology event in Washington, DC. I happened to sit next to a gentleman in his mid to late sixties who started up a conversation about the internet. Broadband was in its infancy and quite a few Americans were still using dial-up or ISDN (don’t ask). There were thousands of internet service providers, basically little AOL wannabes and yes, AOL was still the big dog and Comcast wouldn’t make a big splash until purchasing AT&T Broadband a few years later. But this gentleman, unbeknownst to me, was way ahead of his time.

The gentleman asked those of us sitting at the table to imagine a world where all you had to do was issue a voice command into the air and your request for information would be provided no matter where you were on the planet. My thoughts were that the guy had been watching too much Star Trek (I have since repented for there is probably no such thing as too much Star Trek). He went on with his idea and unfortunately I and others at the table started to tune out.

Today that old man is probably a very rich bastard for what he was describing, in my opinion, was the Cloud. The Cloud is fast becoming a repository for information, whether personal or commercial. Data is being transferred to the Cloud, huge warehouses storing servers and sucking up electricity. The Cloud is crunching huge amounts of data on our commercial transactions and personal lives. We use it to find restaurants and to communicate with each other. Businesses use it to predict and influence your next commercial decision or in some instances how you respond to the news in your timelines. The Cloud is becoming that very flying spaghetti monster in the sky that Google and Facebook would like you to turn to for guidance, social relationships, and consumption.

Your answers are in the Cloud.

When social media went ape shit over a black “God” with a dying cell phone battery in one of the Super Bowl commercials last weekend, the hoteps obviously missed the real meaning behind the commercial. One hundred years from now the hotep’s “God” won’t be the “god” that everyone else is turning to for answers. Throw in a little Moore’s law and artifical intelligence and we may see the tech world convening the Council of Nicea 2.0. Unlike the version two trillion earthlings are bowing down to today, it won’t take two thousand years and some printing presses to write the new scripture….

There will be one last step needed to incorporate true connectivity to our new divinity. That step will bring our privacy laws (a comical concept already) to its knees. I won’t share my thoughts on that last step here. I’d rather you have a good night’s sleep ….

About Alton Drew

Alton Drew brings a straight forward and insightful brand of political market intelligence. Alton Drew graduated from the Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in economics and political science (1984); a Master of Public Administration (1993); and a Juris Doctor (1999). You can also follow Alton Drew on Twitter @altondrew.
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