America has a disease #BaltimoreRiots

America has a disease. Part of the illness lies in the hypocrisy and ineptness of its leadership. The disconnect between political and religious leadership with the masses is as palpable as rotting meat. These so-called “leaders” don’t have the gravitas to quell a disturbance. Those who are tonight speaking the “language of the unheard” aren’t listening to the mayor, their community leaders, and sure as hell wouldn’t listen to Barack Obama if he took a drive up I-95 to give a speech.

Why is leadership out-of-touch? Simple. Leadership is insular. It has rarely anything in common with the masses with the exception of skin tone and maybe, maybe, sharing a pew during a Sunday-go-to-meeting. Listening to the rhetoric of so-called “black” leadership I could draw no further conclusion that all I am hearing is empty, hollow, hotep slogans and assorted political bullshit. Leadership should be able to anticipate and relate. Leadership in‪ Baltimore‬ has failed.

No, rioting as I said earlier is ineffective. It’s not the language the media and the social elite are prepared to process and respond to. It should, however, put citizens on alert; that an incident of ineptness and injustice as projected by the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody is a scab that when pulled off will reveal a lot of pain, pain that America, hiding behind its hype and faded glory, is too afraid to address.

Unfortunately for the masses of the unheard, they adore and vote for an inept leadership that not only has failed at building communities, but have failed at showing people the path to empowerment and personal liberty. When you give the masses just enough in terms of housing, food, and education and deprive them of the tools for leadership and independence, this will be the reaction when the institutions controlled by inept and adored leadership fails.

America is due for a reckoning. Unfortunately an embedded leadership won’t provide the masses the tools to achieve that reckoning and the masses are too enamored with its well-dressed, over educated yet highly inept leadership to demand more….

About Alton Drew

Alton Drew brings a straight forward and insightful brand of political market intelligence. Alton Drew graduated from the Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in economics and political science (1984); a Master of Public Administration (1993); and a Juris Doctor (1999). You can also follow Alton Drew on Twitter @altondrew.
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