Syria and Germany

Had Angela Merkel told Syrian refugees the truth about Europe, that save for a little oil in the North Sea and stories about vampires, werewolves, and gremlins, Europe provides next to nothing in geopolitical value, Syrians would have stayed home.

Europe is resource-starved. It is why Europeans went on an empire-building binge for hundreds of years. Syrians are trying to invade Europe for jobs when the only reason invasions occur is for resources. Jobs aren’t resources. Jobs represent a temporary sprinkling of bread crumbs off of the master’s dining table.

Unfortunately for Syrians their oligarchy is led by a fellow that is too inept to create resources within Syria for his people’s exploitation.


About Alton Drew

Alton Drew brings a straight forward and insightful brand of political market intelligence. Alton Drew graduated from the Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in economics and political science (1984); a Master of Public Administration (1993); and a Juris Doctor (1999). You can also follow Alton Drew on Twitter @altondrew.
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