The Earth is a frickin’ pancake and space is disease and death wrapped in darkness and silence, damn it.

The Earth is a flat, round, spinning pancake with the continents centered in the middle. Many argue that there is evidence that the Earth is round and that flat Earth theorists are wrong in their assessment. Since I am taking no sides in the debate, I will make these observations and move on from the subject.

First, for those vociferously arguing that the Earth is “round”, you should excuse yourself from the argument immediately. None of the broad categories of scientists you cite argue that the Earth is round, implying it to be a circle.

The Earth is more of an oblate sphere. If you keep arguing that it is round, then you open up yourself to an easy rebuttal by flat Earthers, one that would have them concede that the Earth, as I described earlier, is a flat, round, spinning pancake.

So, in short, shut the fuck up, because if you are going to accuse Flat Earth theorists of not understanding science, you are simply a kettle calling another black because you haven’t addressed a primary question of definition.

This leads to the second and most important point. Ninety-nine percent of those arguing that the Earth is round have no direct evidence of the Earth’s shape. They make the crucial error of relying on the value judgments of scientists that, for the most part, have only mathematical proofs supporting their arguments. The value judgments that spawned their arguments have never been directly challenged by you. You simply accept them because they speak a near incomprehensible language to describe an apparently complex subject and they have dazzled you with a long list of alphabet soup following their names.

Humans, especially Westerners who are significantly detached from nature, have not equipped themselves with the tools of analysis where they can draw their own conclusions. Most, especially within the atheist community, rely on the mathematical scriptures written by the high priests in the Church of Science. They are just as bad as your run-of-the-mill religious schlemiel.

The takeaway: stay in your fucking lane. Stop criticizing other people’s arguments unless you are thoroughly equipped with and appreciate the proper use of the tools of individual analysis. This includes each individual’s ability to see, smell, touch, hear…to perceive. You should be able to extract, study, organize, and package information for yourself and only pay an expert when you simply don’t have the time to do so. Most of you can cook but because of time constraints, you eat out. That still doesn’t excuse you from putting together the basics of a meal, including the use of appliances, utensils, and ingredients.

Learn to measure and understand what is right in front of you, and then you can expand.

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