Fiscal policy is about the bond markets not you

Fiscal policy isn’t about growing the economy. That’s a lie we tell you in chapter six of the $200 economics textbook you buy for your delusional kids during their second semester of college.

Fiscal policy is about manipulating the bond market in such a way that bond holders are happy about the capital gains they experience in the assets they hold while experiencing stable prices upon which to plan and make purchases. As titular head of the political economy, the only success rating that matters for a president is how well he manages fiscal policy. In other words, how well he mitigates the level of piss-offness bond holders endure.

Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and Obama understood this and it’s the only reason they can say they were successes. Whether or not they, as candidates, whispered sweet nothings about Medicaid, food stamps, public schools, gay rights, national defense, or taking America back to “Leave it to Beaver” days is immaterial bullshit.

And once you realize that unless you make a living off of interest paid by your treasury notes that economic policy has nothing to do with you to the extent that you feed the machine by paying your taxes, then you learn to ignore politics and go your own way.

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