The internet is noise blocking out the message that “Reflection Matters.” …

Instead of worrying about my clothes
I could be someone that nobody knows
I wish I never woke up this morning
Life was easy when it was boring” — Stewart Armstrong Copeland

Life was simpler and saner before the internet was democratized.  The mid-nineties saw the early ability to process payments online which was necessary for start ups like eBay and Amazon to host the sales of or move product.

But along with the internet’s commercialization came content creation, from earlier capability to use bulletin boards in the late 1980s and early 1990s to the publication of weblogs to today’s social media.  The internet no longer connects academic researchers but has become a medium for mass expression.

I find a lot of it to be useless noise, quite frankly.  Maybe I am just an old curmudgeon too caught up in my nerdiness.  Maybe I believe that in a world where we place an inordinate amount of emphasis on the physical and the sensational that maybe we could dedicate just a little more time to quiet reflection; to pursue knowledge that helps guide our ability to turn inward from time to time.

You would think that with all that has happened in the last six months that people would take a time out from the noise by turning off the television or ignoring social media so that we could use our observational skills and think through what we see around us; connect the dots somehow using our ability to draw our own conclusions and navigate according to any individual road maps we come up with.

Instead, we go external.  We look for our answers in the pronouncements of unqualified celebrities and salesmen posing as politicians and spiritual leaders.  And as these exogenous variables use social media and the internet to increase their influence, we find ourselves falling in lock step with their programming with all the noise dampening our cognitive abilities.

When it comes to its commercialization, the messaging I get from its “content creators” is that ratchetness matters.  Just visit Instagram and there is always someone twerking for dollars.  Yes, sex has always been a money maker.  All of us don’t want to be builders or garbage men.  For some participating in any variant of the skin trade may be fun, even fulfilling.  For others, it is a fast dollar in the survival game called life.

As opportunities shrink in the political economy, and as supply and demand in the skin trade increases, we will see more dollars floating down from the more affluent paying lower prices for the cheap, non-cerebral entertainment the internet has to offer.  Yes, it will only get worse and more outrageous.

The internet is noise blocking out the message that “Reflection Matters.”



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