Donald Trump should not want to be president. He should want to rule …

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It has been my observation that after three years in office, presidents take on a certain demeanor that exudes competence in the job, including how to engage the public, how to propose and enact policy, and, most importantly, how to satisfy the bond markets. Mr Trump does not exude any of these qualities.
To govern well in a three tiered government system, you have to pretend to believe in democracy, distract the masses with advocacy for the republican form of government while in reality bending as many local and state governments as possible to your will and vision.
A true “tough guy” never blusters or engages in puffery. Like my father, the Original Alton Drew, was fond of saying, your bluff will be called. Rather, a tough guy rules the way music should be listened to. He should be felt, not heard, and the inability to be felt and not heard is resulting in local and state governments not falling in line and a federal government not worth the taxes it collects.
What you are seeing now in America is not the beauty of democracy, but its inefficiency, depravity, and imbalance. This volatility stems from the top.
Yes, the United States may be a combination of fifty sovereign states, but it was meant to be governed as one big pool of resources exploited by the few. That means keeping every jurisdiction in line with the program. Donald Trump doesn’t understand the program. Donald Trump shouldn’t want to be President. He should want to rule. There is a difference…

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