Offering to the Storm: Watching the story from end to beginning …

Astro-physicists peer through their telescopes at stars that may have died millions of light years ago.  These scientists are interested in how the universe began and draw their conclusions based on what they see now and going backwards.  lawyers do the same thing when reviewing a file.  They start with the most current memo at the top of the file and work backward.  I always found that filing system a bit off putting when I clerked.  The upside to that manner of file arrangement as well as to the view through a telescope is that you find yourself asking, “How did we get here?”

It was not my intent to answer the “How did we get here?” question when I happened upon the movie “Offering to the Storm.” The movie, which is being played on Netflix, is part of the Baztan Trilogy of books and films and follows the life of a police detective trying to solve the mystery surrounding missing infants while dealing with her marriage, new born baby, and a more personal mystery, the disappearance of her mother who is presumed dead by the rest of her siblings.  While the linear in me thought about stopping the movie and start with the first movie in the trilogy, I decided to take a deep breath, abandon the logic of starting at the beginning, and like an astro-physicist looking for “The Big Bang”, stayed in the moment and allowed myself to be confused having faith that in the end the story will tie itself together.  It eventually did.

I have noticed a choppiness with European films versus American produced movies.  It is like going home to the Caribbean where you may find narrower streets and slower pace off-putting, but after a few deep breaths and putting yourself into the now of the environment, you begin to have an appreciation for where you are both in the story and in life in general (or so I tell myself.  Easier said than done.)

I don’t believe the movie was produced to stand on its own.  There were just enough unanswered questions to make me want to go back to the beginning.  The pace and texture of the movie, I admit, brought me close to saying, “Nah. I’m good. I don’t need to see the first two”, but I decided to resist that urge not to and will watch the first two installments of the trilogy.  Why leave that mystery unanswered….

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