The Narrative: From Red to Blue to Purple to Beige …

The United States, in order to compete with #China, will have to assume leadership of a new Eurocentric economic block. It cannot afford to have China producing and selling cheap technology to Europe while the Asian Tiger increases its debt leverage over Africa.

To counter China, the United States, over the next two decades, will have to present itself as a one-party, “culturally and physically beige” customs union that emphasizes European values. Diversity will have to take a back seat to Eurocentrism; an action that will make aligning with Europe a lot easier.

Central banks in Europe and the United States will eventually have to start raising interest rates as pressure increases from aging Boomers seeking higher yield and social programs in need of more financing.

With an increasing number of the black and Latino elite more than willing to dilute themselves to a “people of color”, Eurocentrism should take hold pretty easily among ethnic minority communities.

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