Telecom industry plans $275 billion in 5G investment over next seven years …

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by IIA

OCTOBER 7, 2020

Accenture Strategy estimates U.S. telecom operators will spend up to $275B over seven years to build out the nation’s 5G networks and create significant contributions to the US economy, including up to three million jobs and about a $500B boost to the GDP.

This impact is in addition to the existing contributions from the wireless industry. Currently, estimates have the U.S. wireless industry supporting almost 5 million jobs, adding $475B in GDP, and creating about $1T in economic output.

Source: Accenture Strategy

(Regarding the DoD’s recently issued RFI to develop a plan for a government-owned, government-operated 5G system, IIA would like to note: We agree that “taxpayers should not foot the [$275-billion bill] for something that the private sector is already committed to doing.”)OLDER ENTRY

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