5G technology is a hog in the US. Investment in more infrastructure is needed …

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by IIA

OCTOBER 28, 2020

A new report from Opensignal found that in September 2020, 5G users in the U.S. consumed almost twice as much data as 4G users – 16.5GB compared to 8.7GB respectively. This difference in data consumption between 5G and 4G users is even more prominent on a global scale, where 5G users average 2.7 times the data consumption as 4G users.

“Opensignal data shows that 5G users on average consumed much higher amounts of mobile data compared to 4G users, suggesting that, by having a better experience, users consumed more content on their smartphones, or similar amounts of content at higher quality and resolution.” – Francesco Rizzato, Principal Technical Analyst, Opensignal

Source: Opensignal

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