Foreign exchange rates: Joe Biden holds on to projected Electoral College lead …

As of 2:32 pm EST, 4 November 2020:

How to read the chart:

CAD/USD: If you come to the United States with one Canadian dollar (CAD)and wish to sell it for a US dollar (USD), the market price is .75909 USD.

USD/CAD: If you take a US dollar (USD) to Canada and wish to sell it for a Canadian dollar (CAD), the market price is 1.31720 CAD

Major event in the United States:  Ballot counting is continuing in the U.S. presidential elections. Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden is projected to win 227 Electoral College votes while Republican candidate Donald J. Trump is projected to garner 214 Electoral College votes.

CAD/USD=0.75909   USD/CAD=1.31720

CNH/USD= 0.14962   USD/CNH=6.68236

EUR/USD= 1.16900    USD/EUR=0.85533

DKK/USD =0.15697     USD/DKK=6.36901

NGN/USD= 0.00260    USD/NGN=383.455

JPY/USD=0.00956       USD/JPY=104.64

INR/USD=0.01342       USD/INR=74.3949

JMD/USD=0.00679      USD/JMD=144.248

Source: Bankrate

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