Biden starts transition plans: Foreign exchange rates between U.S. and select countries in East Africa, West Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia

As of 11:11 am EST, 9 November 2020:

How to read the chart:

CAD/USD: If you come to the United States with one Canadian dollar (CAD)and wish to sell it for a US dollar (USD), the market price is .76559 USD.

USD/CAD: If you take a US dollar (USD) to Canada and wish to sell it for a Canadian dollar (CAD), the market price is 1.30530 CAD

CAD/USD=0.76559   USD/CAD=1.30530

CNH/USD= 0.15166   USD/CNH=6.58901

EUR/USD= 1.18728    USD/EUR=0.84194

DKK/USD =0.15925     USD/DKK=6.27257

NGN/USD= 0.00261    USD/NGN=381.500

JPY/USD=0.00967       USD/JPY=103.34

INR/USD=0.01350       USD/INR=73.8010

JMD/USD=0.00675      USD/JMD=145.128

GYD/USD=0.00478       USD/GYD= 209.215

GHS/USD=0.17141       USD/GHS= 5.82600

XCD/USD=0.37037        USD/XCD= 2.70

KES/USD = 0.00909       USD/KES= 108.121

Source: OANDA

Major political/legal event in the United States

Presumptive president-elect Joseph R. Biden has launched a transition website that describes his initial initiatives he plans to address upon taking office in January 2021.  Mr Biden appears prepared to engage in a level of spending to address faults and inequities in the American economic infrastructure that were in place prior to the Covid pandemic.  Spending initiatives include:

  • Providing state, local, and tribal governments with financial assistance;
  • Extending Covid crisis unemployment insurance to people out of work;
  • Provide a financial package for small businesses and entrepreneurs;
  • Creation of a public health corps that puts the unemployed to work fighting the pandemic.

No discussion has been provided by the transition team yet on the costs of these packages and the impact they may have on money supply expansion/contraction, trade, or foreign exchange rates.


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