Foreign ownership of US Treasurys fall in September. Downtick in longer term rates …

As of 9:25 am AST 18 November 2020, U.S. Treasury rates and Federal Funds rates are as follows:

3-month: .08%

6-month: .08%

12-month: .11%

2-year: .17%

10-year: .85%

30-year: 1.59%

Fed Funds Rate: 0.08%

Federal Reserve Target: 0.25%

Prime Rate: 3.25%

Source: Bloomberg

Major political/legal event in the United States

Treasury releases data on foreign investment in the United States

Yesterday, the United States Department of the Treasury reported that “in September of all net foreign acquisitions of long-term securities, short-term U.S. securities, and banking flows was a net TIC outflow of $79.9 billion.  Of this, net foreign private outflows were $40.3 billion, and net foreign official outflows were $39.6 billion.”  The Treasury International Capital report also noted that there was a decline in foreign investor ownership of Treasury bills in the amount of $30.3 billion in September 2020.

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