As of 12:04 pm AST 27 November 2020, Foreign exchange rates between U.S., select countries in East Africa, West Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia, and BitCoin

As of 12:04 pm AST, 27 November 2020:

How to read the chart:

CAD/USD: If you come to the United States with one Canadian dollar (CAD)and wish to sell it for a US dollar (USD), the market price is .76870 USD.

USD/CAD: If you take a US dollar (USD) to Canada and wish to sell it for a Canadian dollar (CAD), the market price is 1.30069 CAD

CAD/USD=0.76870   USD/CAD=1.30069

CNH/USD= 0.15229   USD/CNH=6.56495

EUR/USD= 1.19144   USD/EUR=0.83922

DKK/USD =0.16007   USD/DKK=6.24556

NGN/USD= 0.00261    USD/NGN=378.872

JPY/USD=0.00959    USD/JPY=104.28

INR/USD=0.01355       USD/INR=73.7012

JMD/USD=0.00673    USD/JMD=145.545

GYD/USD=0.00469       USD/GYD= 204.941

GHS/USD=0.17070     USD/GHS= 5.83161

XCD/USD=0.37037        USD/XCD= 2.70

KES/USD = 0.00901       USD/KES= 108.870

BTC/USD= 17368.40     USD/BTC= 0.00006

Source: OANDA

Major political/legal event impacting foreign exchange

Basel Committee amends capital requirements for non-performing loan securitisations

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision yesterday published the technical amendment Capital treatment of securitisations of non-performing loans. The rule, which the Committee started developing before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, closes a gap in the Basel framework by setting out prudent and risk sensitive capital requirements for non-performing loan securitisations.

The Committee consulted publicly on the technical amendment in June 2020. In contrast to the consultative proposal, the final rule permits banks to apply the external ratings-based approach to non-performing loans securitisation exposures, without the 100% risk weight floor. In addition, the final rule include discounts on tranche sales in the definition of discount incurred by the originating bank that factors in the capital requirements.

Committee jurisdictions agreed to implement the technical amendment by no later than January 2023. The Committee would like to thank all those who contributed time and effort to express their views during the consultation process.

Source: Bank of International Settlements

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