So far, a quiet bond market …

As of 10:14 am AST 30 November 2020, U.S. Treasury rates and Federal Funds rates are as follows:

3-month: .08%

6-month: .09%

12-month: .10%

2-year: .15%

10-year: .85%

30-year: 1.58%

Fed Funds Rate: 0.08%

Federal Reserve Target: 0.25%

Prime Rate: 3.25%

Source: Bloomberg

Major political/legal events impacting currencies

On 27 November 2020, President Donald J. Trump nominated Brian P. Brooks as Comptroller of the Currency for a term of five years.  As Comptroller, Mr Brooks would be responsible for administering the United States’ national banking system as well as the branches of foreign banks doing business in the United States.  Mr Brooks is currently serving as acting Comptroller.  His nomination must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Source: Executive Office of the President

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