The US dollar weakens in Jamaica along with the pound and yuan …

According to data from OANDA, a foreign exchange brokerage, the US dollar has showed slight weakness when compared to the Jamaica dollar. During the period 1 December to 5 December 2020, the US dollar priced in Jamaica dollars fell 0.950% from 145.195 JMD to 143.815 JMD. The British pound did not fare much better, falling .5456% from 194.220 JMD to 193.160 JMD.

The Jamaica dollar price for the China yuan fell .292% from 22.1260 JMD to 22.0613 JMD.

The JMD-priced euro saw some gain, climbing in price by .069% from 174.173 JMD to 174.294 JMD.

The inter-bank rate has held at .50% since August 2019 with the Bank of Jamaica targeting an inflation range of four to six percent.

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