Guyana prices for foreign exchange creeped up all last week …

A review of OANDA foreign exchange data shows Guyana dollar price for the US dollar, Great Britain pound, euro, and Chinse yuan inching up during the period 1 December through 5 December 2020.

The Guyana dollar price of the US dollar increased 0.115403% from 205.367 GYD to 205.604 GYD. The Guyana dollar price for the British pound increased 0.523825% from 274.710 GYD to 276.149 GYD.

The price for the euro gained 1.145907%, increasing from 246.355 GYD to 249.178 GYD. At the same time, the price of the Chinese yuan increased 0.708303% from 31.2955 GYD to 31.5397 GYD.

The Bank of Guyana’s published inter-bank exchange buy-sell rates for the U.S. dollar was buy at 207.97 GYD and sell at 210.45 GYD. For the euro, the buy-sell rates are 253.04 GYD buy and 256.27 GYD sell. The bank list the buy price for the pound as 280.02 GYD and the sell price as 283.56 GYD.

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