Countries importing American product see continued decline in exchange rates.

The top six trading partners with the United States in terms of total exports to those countries saw their costs for the dollar fall over the past 30 days. The USD/CAD trading pair was priced at 1.3145 CAD on 14 November By 14 December , that rate has fallen by 2.9% to 1.2766 CAD.

The USD/MEX, priced at 20.6473 MXN on 14 November 14, is now down two percent to 20.1201 MXN. Meanwhile, the USD/CHN is now priced at 6.53252, down 1.2% from its 14 November price of 6.6106 CHN.

The USD/JPY is equal today to 104 JPY. On 14 November, this price was .8% higher at 104.82 JPY. And as the world waits for Great Britain and the European Union to settle their divorce, the exchange rate of the USD/GBP pair today at 0.75532 reflects a decline of .60% from the 0.7599 exchange rate back on 14 November.

And speaking of Europe, the USD/EUR pair has an exchange rate today of 0.82533, down 2.5% from the 14 November level of 0.8461.

Source: OANDA

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