Government strategy: Joe Biden Playing it “by the book” and Scoring an “A” So Far ….

As Savik questioned Spock about his use of deception in their communications, the seasoned Starfleet officer reminded her that the narrative must always be presented by the book.Joe Biden is the seasoned commander and his “by the book” play so far has him scoring an “A.”

Yesterday, his Treasury secretary released a statement describing an economy on the rebound. The irony is that she noted it has been on a rebound since May 2020. MarketWatch, a business publication, has made the same observation.

Even with 10 million fewer people employed, the economy is inching closer to where it stood pre-pandemic. This should scare us folk who rely on our wages, but like Mr Spock, the Biden administration is using a little distraction away from the economic enemy by focusing on a reconciliation bill that may or may not provide any sustainable stimulus to an economy that may not need anymore stimulus dollars.

If a labor force of x-10 million can get the economy back on its feet then the real issue is not stimulus money or impeaching Donald Trump (another distraction engineered by Senate and House leadership). The real issues are a weaker dollar that suppresses wages, unemployed people who need work, higher interest rates due to the government borrowing needed to pay for stimulus, and a brewing currency war that challenges the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. So, why the “A”? Because this is what a smart, newly elected president does in the first 100 days; they deliver what they promise.

The question is, at what cost the deception?

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