Interbank market news scan: Dollar expected to gain as markets open in Europe and the US on Monday ….

Payment systems. You still can’t deposit or withdraw digital assets from PayPal, which undercuts the technology’s appeal as a way to put individuals back in control of their money in a world of unchecked asset seizures and involuntary bank bail-ins. But now you can at least use the service to buy stuff. Opinion: Crypto as a Payment System? Here We Go Again – CoinDesk

Payment systems. Despite its mass acceptance and large user base, one such institution brought into the spotlight of legal debate is Google India’s payments operation, Google Pay. This article explains the legal debate behind it and what it means for India’s payments ecosystem. Can Third-Party Applications Be Classified As Payment System Operators? (

Payment systems. A patient payments technology venture that counts local players Nashville Capital Network and i3 Verticals among its owners has been bought by Bank of America. BofA buys health care payments player | Nashville Post

Foreign exchange: speculation. EUR/USD begins the week not correlated to its cross pairs and explains why EUR/USD traded lower into deeply oversold. Currency Market: FX weekly and EM (

Foreign exchange: interbank. The dollar was poised to extend gains against major currencies on Monday after the U.S. jobs report at the end of last week showed the nation’s labour market is recovering from the impact of the coronavirus shock. Dollar holds advantage as economic data point to more gains | Reuters

Currency PairsRates as of 10 pm 4 April 2021
Selected Rates 
Fed Funds.07
Bank prime rate3.25
Discount window.25
2-yr Treasury.18
10-yr Treasury1.71
Sources: Bloomberg, Reuters

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