Interbank market news scan: Cryptocurrency advocates moving to bolster their advocacy prowess in DC …

Digital currency. Atlas Organization founder Dr. Jonathan Ward, an expert on Chinese global strategy, discussed how the Biden administration can create competitive policies against China and argued that creating its own digital currency that is controlled by its central bank will “offset” U.S. sanctions, during an interview on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria.” China creating own digital currency will ‘offset’ US sanctions: Jonathan Ward | Fox Business

Foreign exchange, digital yuan. The United States’ reliance on economic sanctions to coerce other countries is gradually losing its effectiveness and slowly degrading one of Washington’s most influential tools in international affairs, the power of the U.S. dollar, experts told Newsweek. Sanctions Are Destroying U.S. Dollar’s Status as World’s Top Currency (

Cryptocurrency. Even as cryptocurrencies steadily gain support on Wall Street, they’re still regarded by regulators as a tool for criminals to conceal shady transactions — posing a challenge to the nascent industry as it seeks to win wider respect. Bitcoin (BTC USD) Cryptocurrency Price News: Industry Forms Lobby to Shed Image – Bloomberg

Digital currency. A cyber yuan gives Beijing power to track spending in real time. Importantly, it’s money that isn’t linked to the dollar-dominated global financial system. Anxiety in the US as China Creates the First Major Digital Currency (

Foreign exchange, India. Currency exchange rates can turn out to be a real dealbreaker and can cause a dent in an individual’s pocket who is traveling overseas. Even a difference of a few paise while doing currency conversion can make a huge difference in the budget for the trip. It becomes crucial to be aware of the various options while doing currency exchange. Currency Exchange and the related details (

Cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Blockchain technology Ethereum has seen its price reach a new all-time high of $2,150 following Visa’s decision to allow cryptocurrency for transactions on its platform. World’s second-biggest cryptocurrency Ethereum hits new high of $2,150 after Visa agrees to allow crypto-payments on its network (

Digital currency, Bank of Japan. Japan’s central bank has started trials of a new digital currency in an effort to experiment with how it might be used, the Bank of Japan announced on Monday. The announcement comes after the Chinese government revealed it was doing something very similar with a digital yuan in early March. Japan’s Central Bank Launches One-Year Test of Digital Currency (

Currency PairsRates as of 2:30 pm 6 April 2021
Selected Rates 
Fed Funds.07
Bank prime rate3.25
Discount window.25
2-yr Treasury.16
10-yr Treasury1.65
Source: Bloomberg, Reuters


  1. Hi Alton,

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

    You routinely post articles showing the exchange rate between currencies pairs, such as:

    Currency Pairs Rates as of 2:30 pm 6 April 2021 EUR/USD 1.1853 AUD/USD 0.7661 GBP/USD 1.3809 USD/JPY 109.8700 NZD/USD 0.7044 USD/CHF 0.9322 USD/NOK 8.5005 USD/SEK 8.6312 USD/CAD 1.2553

    Selected Rates Fed Funds .07 Bank prime rate 3.25 Discount window .25 2-yr Treasury .16 10-yr Treasury 1.65 30-yr 2.31 My question is:

    1) Have you written or published any articles that explains to the reader how to interpret this information?

    2) How were (are) these currency pair rates affected by the 2008 financial crises, inflation, war, if the global pandemic worsens?

    3) Instead of a “static” table, would it be possible (and more informative) for you to include a chart that shows how these rates have changed over time – – and then provide your readers with your insightful comments regarding what this means?

    Just my thoughts and suggestions,.



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