Interbank Market News Scan: Prime brokers, banks, foreign exchange …

News links of interest …

Prime broker. Equiti Capital, a subsidiary of Equiti Group, announced today that its FX Desk has onboarded NatWest Markets as another Prime Broker. Equiti Capital Appoints Another Prime Broker In NatWest Markets (

Banks. Two regional banks in Japan’s northern prefecture of Aomori said they were considering consolidating, joining a flurry of lenders seeking to survive amid narrowing margins from a rapidly ageing population and ultra-low interest rates. Two Japanese regional banks eye tie-up to fight margin pressures | Nasdaq

Foreign exchange. In criticisms of Federal Reserve actions, legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller highlighted the case for bitcoin to replace the dollar. Legendary Investor Stanley Druckenmiller: USD Will Lose World Reserve Currency Status | Nasdaq

Foreign exchange rates of interest …

Currency PairsRates as of 8:32 pm EST 11 May 2021
Source: Reuters
Selected Rates 
Fed Funds.05
Bank prime rate3.25
Fed Funds target rate.25
2-yr Treasury.16
10-yr Treasury1.63
Source: Bloomberg

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