Interbank Market News Scan: Remittances, payment systems; Technology facilitates improvements in how we send money home ….

Currency PairsRates as of 1:43 pm GMT 21 May 2021Rates as of 2:00 pm GMT 20 May 2021
Source: OANDA, Alton Drew

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Remittances. Flutterwave has partnered with Amole to facilitate money transfers into Ethiopia. Through this agreement, Amole Wallet users will be able to send money to bank accounts and cash pickup locations at over 2,500 locations across the country. Flutterwave Partners with Amole to Expand Remittances in Ethiopia – IT News Africa – Up to date technology news, IT news, Digital news, Telecom news, Mobile news, Gadgets news, Analysis and Reports

Remittances, payment systems. A forecast of $22 billion inflow from diaspora remittances into Nigeria this year by an African rating agency, Agusto & Co, amid the global meltdown, illuminates the immense benefits that, with creative policies, the country can tap from this revenue stream. Maximising the benefits of diaspora remittances – Punch Newspapers (

Remittances. Wealthier countries can help poorer countries by welcoming immigrants that send money home.  Resilience of remittances proves a lifeline for developing economies | Financial Times (

Banks. Very broadly speaking, a big problem that banks have right now is too much money. Banks Don’t Want to Be Paid Back Yet – Bloomberg Banks, payment systems. The shift toward instant payments will undoubtedly provide benefits for consumers, but it is the benefits for institutions and corporates that are likely to revolutionise financial services. However, to reap these benefits financial institutions must navigate the maze of deadlines and coinciding schemes in a proactive manner. EBAday 2021: Driving correspondent banking success through wider adoption of instant payments (

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