Interbank Market News Scan: Eastern Caribbean

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Banks. When the European Union launched the euro two decades ago, economists wondered if this novel currency might pull off a feat none other had managed in the post-war period: to challenge the mighty American dollar.

Banks.  Online-only assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become a lucrative opportunity for millions of savvy amateur investors, but now Russia’s central bank is warning people to steer clear of what could end up being a very risky buy.

Banks. London Offered Interbank Rates (LIBOR).

Banks. Wall Street regulators delivered a uniform message to President Joe Biden Monday: the huge capital buffers that banks built up over the pandemic are protecting the financial system from looming threats.

Banks. Banks looking to expand into the wild world of crypto are getting a pointed reminder from regulators of the risks involved.

Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange

Bank share prices as of 21 June 2021

The Bank of Nevis Ltd.$3.75
Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines$6.70
East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Ltd$4.00
Grenada Co-operative Bank Ltd.$8.88
Republic Bank (Grenada) Ltd.$45.00
St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank Ltd.$2.80
Source: Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank-interest rates

ECCB Fixed Deposit Rate-1 month0%
ECCB Fixed Deposit Rate-2 months0%
ECCB Fixed Deposit Rate-3 months0%
ECCU (1) Minimum Savings Deposit Rate2%
ECCB Discount Rate2%
Source: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
  • (1) Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Foreign exchange rates of interest

Currency PairsRates as of 1:15 am AST 22 June 2021
Source: OANDA

22 June 2021

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