The J-Cubed Corporation and its discount currency …

The J-Cubed Corporation (Jay Powell, Janet Yellen, and Joe Biden) are responsible for wholesale production of a currency ( a fast food restaurant coupon) and creating an underlying value for that currency that makes it attractive to other public corporations ie nations.

The banks, (licensed resellers or “currency pimps”) are responsible for getting the currency into the hands of individuals and businesses that put the coupon to its best use while generating taxes for the J-Cubed Corporation and steady bond yields for individuals (“The Global Johns”).

Are the wholesalers and resellers putting out too much currency? Since October 2020, the U.S. monetary base (currency in circulation plus reserves held in accounts at Federal Reserve banks) has increased by approximately 28.8%. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve’s preferred metric for inflation, the personal consumption expenditure index, has increased approximately five percent during the same period.

The yield on U.S. 10-year bonds is at 1.49% at the time of this print, up 57 basis points since December 2020.

My question is, will Joe Biden be able to create a narrative that scores him some political points between now and when inflation is expected to abate, which is between early spring and the fall of 2022.

As Bill Clinton learned quickly and clearly in 1994, a sound economy and a path to re-election is about keeping The Global Johns happy. Any other reference to “economy” is just refried noise for the business media to transmit …

Alton Drew