Commentary: Lawyers should advise traders to be politically “cold-blooded.”

States compete with each other for capital inflows. The State that can manage its country for optimum return on invested capital wins. In this environment, lawyers should advise traders to pay attention to and favor political strategies that expand the number of nations that can generate growth opportunities for themselves.

The lawyer should advise the trader to be agnostic to a State’s management philosophy and style where focus should be on ease in flow of capital and maximum return to capital subject to a State’s capital inflow/outflow requirements.

The lawyer should help the trader focus on the State’s environment for easy capital entry, securitization of capital, growth in national income, and ease of capital extraction. The trader has to be politically cold-blooded with the paramount political question being, “Which country is managing resources for the most gain today?”

Lawyers should facilitate trader awareness of the impact of political action on markets and yes, remind the trader of any ethical implications spawned by investing in foreign markets.

While traders in foreign exchange markets should consider applying the mindset of a trading desk in a central bank, lawyers should take every opportunity to understand the mindset of a trader and accumulate as much information and knowledge on markets and monetary policy as she can.

Alton Drew


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