Ukraine: Calling America’s bluff ….

America’s ‘primacy’ on the world stage was always a fluke. The United States came late to the party during both World Wars I and II with its mass manufacturing prowess facilitating its last man standing status. The US dollar became Europe’s reserve currency, and because the Europeans colonized the shit out of everyone else, the dollar became the world’s reserve currency.

But from the mid 1930s to the early 1970s, the US gradually removed itself from the gold standard. By 1973, the world’s currencies were backed by a dollar that was backed by nothing. For forty years increases in money supply and undisciplined fiscal spending have deflated the dollar’s value resulting in everyday Americans finding it harder to get by.

On the global front, not only were Europe and Asia getting tired of America’s promotion of its brand of “democracy”, they were becoming tired of a currency that lucked out in being the world’s reserve currency. Thus the beginning of a more than two decade challenge, starting with the euro, to America’s dominance.

All wars are trade wars. Once you understand this, you abandon the “John Wayne, kumbaya Jesus” view of the world. Ukraine is just another stage in world reordering.

Putin and Xi could have a falling out, but America does not have the political will or intelligence to stop this train.

Alton Drew