Interbank Market News Scan: Slight dollar strengthening as of 9:08 pm AST

Interbank, DOW. “U.S. stock futures moved lower in overnight trading on Sunday as investors grew concerned about the economic ramifications of the fighting between Russia and Ukraine.” See article here. Source: CNBC

Interbank, Asia, stock market. “U.S. crude was up more than 5%, and shares in Asia-Pacific traded lower on Monday as investors monitor the Russia-Ukraine crisis and related sanctions.” See article here. Source: CNBC

Interbank, Japan, Russia, SWIFT. “Japan said it is weighing its response to global moves to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine by further isolating the country from international banking transactions.” See article here. Source: The Asahi Shimbun

Interbank, Russia, central banks, sanctions, gold. “The lure of gold has been an ever-present throughout history — particularly in periods of geopolitical uncertainty. If Russia is selling below market rates, then we think someone, somewhere will be willing to take the risk.” See article here. Source: Financial Times

Interbank, Russia, foreign exchange reserves, sanctions. “The Biden administration and its European allies vowed Saturday to block Moscow’s access to its sizable foreign currency reserves in the West, teeing up one of the most powerful financial penalties and threatening to send the Russian financial market into free fall.” See article here. Source: The Washington Post

Foreign exchange rates of interest in Asia as of 9:08 pm AST





Source: OANDA

Dollar index=97.15 as of 9:32pm AST

Source: MarketWatch