Peyton Gendron and the ineptness of the black political leadership class …

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Shifting to the political portion of the political economy.  The mass shooting in Buffalo, New York where a teen-aged white male by the name of Peyton Gendron exposes an oft overlooked dimension of black politics: we cannot protect our own.

We have been seeing the predictable roll-out of platitudes by the Biden-Harris administration and the expressions of incredulousness on social media by members of the black community with most demanding that “something has to be done.”  The inconvenient truth is that the black community, given its lack of political leverage and ownership of less than two percent of American capital, should not expect anything from a government that does not look like it, does not share its lineage or story, and has no interest in promoting the interests of blacks.

For a person to travel three hours to another city with the expressed purpose of murdering black people should tell black political leaders that there is an intelligence network operating against the black community; that there is an organized war being waged against the black community.  Black political leadership should be asking themselves why a government that can thwart terrorist attacks overseas cannot be as aggressive here at home when it comes to terrorist attacks against black Americans. 

Instead, we get a black leadership that is fast to blame centuries old terrorist attacks on the delusion that the domestic environment of racial violence is orchestrated by one political party.  Never mind that Mr Gendron has been described as a left authoritarian, political nomenclature that would put him in the box along with democratic socialists as well as Nazis.

No. Rather black political leadership prefers to politicize the event for vote getting purposes when it should be asking if there is a system in place to provide citizens warning that a rabid terrorist dog is heading to their community.

The black political class is the last group of individuals that those interested in protecting the physical and emotional integrity of the black community should be looking to for help.

Alton Drew

17 May 2022

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