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I am making a call for your support. Four years ago I took an interest in international trade and the banking infrastructure that supports it. That led to a particular interest in foreign currencies and the foreign exchange market. These areas seem very complex to most of us and I wanted to contribute in some way to bring clarity and insights to this area of the economy. Thus began in earnest two years ago my journey toward reconciling this very important area of trade with your day-to-day navigation of the economy.

I am committed to taking on this journey on a full time basis. To accomplish this, I will need your support. Please donate what you can to this endeavor so that I may continue to research and share this important information with you. Whether you trade currencies, have an international business, are an independent merchant, a freelancer, study law and economics, or all of the above, I believe you can be further enriched by the unique commentary and analysis provided here.

Over the next few weeks I am adding more weekend commentary and real-time updates to my weekday posts. I believe these additions will provide you greater value.

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