Side note: Neither Warnock or Walker should represent Georgia before the Republic …

I live in Georgia where all political eyes are on the campaigns of Raphael Warnock, the incumbent U.S. senator seeking a full six-year term in the upper chamber, and Herschel Walker, the former college football running back. Neither man expresses any deep knowledge of what a political economy is about and given the shifts that we are seeing in the political economy of the west, neither man has shared a narrative as to the role this trading platform called the United States should play in world affairs.

The leadership of this confederation of states has managed the American political economy as if following a “woke” script from an episode of “Star Trek: Discovery”, constantly messaging on building America back better to what? I don’t know. Mr Warnock’s messaging demonstrates that his role in Washington is to parrot the Biden administration’s talking points on inflation and social welfare, sharing no vision of his own for the Peach State.

Contrary to the vast majority of belief held by Americans that senators and congressmen are somehow part of government leadership, I expect no government leadership from Mr Warnock. I do not want him to lead. Mr Warnock’s job is to keep the Biden Administration in check. His only job, under the current rules, is to ensure the “government”, the “administration” does not abuse its power by eradicating personal liberties. The primary tool for use in exercising this check is legislation. But because he does not understand the libertarian make-up of most Americans, he believes that legislation should be targeted at citizens versus at the Administration. Like I said, I expect no leadership from him.

Mr Walker shoots himself in the foot every time he speaks and I can’t fault Georgians for cringing. His failure at being articulate is not the issue, however. Notwithstanding his failure to match Mr Warnock’s oratorical skills, Mr Walker has not demonstrated that he possesses requisite knowledge about the economy, from the meaning of recession to the cause of inflation.

What the Georgia Republican Party’s end game is for Mr Walker, I cannot say. With the Senate evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, can the GOP risk losing the Senate? Does the GOP see Mr Walker being armed with the political acumen that can expose Mr Warnock’s shortcomings? Or maybe this is just a test case for how well the GOP can rally the troops to come out and vote in 2024. If they can get party faithful out for Walker, surely they can get voters out to vote for whoever the presidential candidate is in 2024.

I would like to see a senator that keeps any administration focused on trade. Trade should be America’s priority in a shifting global economy. This is why I have decided that if Herschel Walker wins the election for senator this November, I will run against him in 2028. If Raphael Warnock wins the election by less than 10,000 votes, I will run against him in 2028.

Alton Drew

16 September 2022