Pobre, Tulsi. All political parties serve elitist agendas.

Pobre, Tulsi. All political parties serve elitist agendas. The two differences between the Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians are where they are geographically concentrated and who is targeted by legislation.

Democrats, albeit the elitist of the elite, are concentrated in New York and Washington, DC. They use legislation like napalm, targeting human innovation and thought.

Republicans, tainted as the meanest spirited of the elites, are concentrated in mid-sized towns surrounded by cows, wheat, and cotton. They believe legislation should be used to limit the executive while regulating human behavior.

Libertarians are found wherever there is a best friend’s couch to crash on. They are the most anti-social of the bunch. They believe in a government that is near non-existent and passes legislation that basically says that everyone should fuck off and leave the other guy alone.

Si. Pobre, Tulsi. She drank the Kool-Aid ….