Interbank market news scan: The hryvnia exchange rate continues to strengthen …

Interbank. Pakistan. rupee. Interbank closing rates for the dollar in terms of the rupee.

Interbank. China. ICMA. “The International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) has released a guide to China’s repo market, representing the fifth in its series of market practice guides on domestic repo markets in Asia.” Source: Securities Finance Times.

Interbank. China. yuan. “The central parity rate of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, strengthened nine pips to ¥7.1086 against the U.S. dollar on Tuesday, the China Foreign Exchange Trade System said.” Source: Peoples Gazette.

Interbank. Ukraine. hryvnia. “The supply of cash to the market has improved, gradually reducing the effect of panic and thus slashing excess demand. So, even despite the large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine on Monday, the hryvnia exchange rate in banks and non-bank exchange outlets continued to strengthen since Tuesday.” Source: Kyiv Post.

Primary dealers. Treasurys. buy backs. “The long-simmering idea that the US government should stand ready to buy back Treasury securities from investors to improve market functioning is moving closer to reality.” Source: Bloomberg.

Primary dealers. Goldman Sachs. revenues. “Goldman Sachs reported lower profits Tuesday on a big drop in revenues tied to corporate merger advising, but the firm still topped analyst expectations on strong trading revenues.” Source: Barron’s.