I give Twitter 18 months…

The State has sent Elon Musk a message and he is carrying out the directive. Twitter has never been considered nothing more than a little brother to the likes of the larger social media/networks. Musk has an opportunity to write-off the losses and strip the company down to its core data assets.

If the company goes to bankruptcy, its bond holders will be bought out for pennies on the dollar and the trustee will put the data assets out to bid. Equity holders will lose everything since they are last in line.

From a political narrative perspective, the infamous “Black Twitter” is dead on arrival. Another platform that it does not own will be yanked from under it.

Conservatives have already developed similar platforms that they have been migrating to over the last five years. They will shed no tears.

Liberals will send up cheers of joy in the short run, but their faces will take on worried looks as they realize that they will have to develop their own biased platforms. Given their big tent view of the world, reality will hit when their leadership starts discriminating against blacks who initially aligned with them but will start seeing more silencing by white liberals who hold all the capital.

I suspect after the next 18 months the internet will get a little quieter and Twitter, which in my opinion was always a fraud, will shrink in influence. It should also beg the question for people who have looked at social media and tech as an economic lifeline, how viable are these platforms anyway?

Alton Drew

11 November 2022