If the government has to teach your history, you do not have one.

Yesterday on Facebook a meme circulated entitled “AP African American Studies in 2023.”  Below the title were the struck-out names … More

Ignore Mr Biden’s assessment of the economy. He is out of touch.

Yes, the United States follows a public policy based on capital markets, credit, and voluntary into contracts. The government cannot compel market activity, although it attempts to create a narrative that encourages spending and entering market transactions, i.e., the purchase of health insurance.

But taking credit for managing an economy beyond what policy and the law says you can do only sets the stage for an administration to attempt undue interference in the economy.

Government maintains the roulette table.

In the real world outside of the textbooks, government is not contributing to output. It does not build anything that is put into the market for bid. It is not a transactional player. Instead, government’s main duties are to manage society by law and public policies; protect trade routes using its military and naval facilities; and connect society via financial and physical infrastructure.

DeSantis does not have to appeal to all blacks to win in 2024.

The two segments of potential black voters I discussed do not make up the majority of national black voters, but they are overlooked as their issues are not addressed by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has shoved black voters into the “fear box”, preferring to sell them on issues designed to extort votes from them by creating an environment of fear. DeSantis can go further with these voters with an analytical, data driven approach to discussing the issues.

Haiti needs a strongman …

“Democracy” isn’t going to help Haiti. Rather than a hostile takeover by American and European governments or another conference held … More

The Beige Book tells me that Atlanta residents should continue to see interest rates rise.

Present the public with concise facts about causes of economic woes but the causes should not be politicized. Rather lay out strategies and tactics for addressing the city’s woes and act publicly and with intent. The optic of getting something of substance done and ensuring that the public is aware of what is being done should keep the criticisms tamped down while increasing the level of confidence in the city’s public officials.