No, Mr Warnock. Voting is not prayer. Voting is a part of the selection process in a tax-funded popularity contest.

On 8 April 1913, the 17th amendment that provided for “direct” election of a U.S. senator was ratified. Some would … More

The Court is the King’s bench: Limiting the US Supreme Court by re-aligning institutions …

Reformation should start with ensuring that the court is politically aligned with the administration.  Each member should be nominated or re-nominated by the elected president.  The justices’ terms would be attached to the term in office of the President. It would be understood that decisions on individual rights, the interpretation of the Constitution, the clarification of the law would be done within the philosophy, narrative, politics, and polices of the Administration. This approach raises the importance of voting, especially since a president relies on a supportive Senate majority to get her nominees through confirmation.

Decentralized finance: Is it time to return to the Articles of Confederation?

Can we, as individuals, enter into our own “articles of confederation” with each other?
Can we re-visit this model and do some work to bring it up to speed with a society that, while digitally connected, at the same time enjoys a technology that allows each individual to generate their own value and thus issue an individual money that reflects that energy?