Cryptocurrency prices continue to limp along in light of strong dollar and Federal Reserve action …

Fortunately for Mr Biden’s political economy, the vast majority of Americans have no where else to go. Being a digital nomad may be an option for a number of Americans, but even as foreign exchange rates between the US dollar, the pound, and the euro flirt with parity, Mr Biden realizes he has a captive audience that will opt for the greater availability of resources here in the U.S.

Foreign exchange and cryptocurrency rates as of 3:10 pm EDT

I am taking a different approach when monitoring foreign exchange and cryptocurrency rates. The battle between East and West is one traders should be looking at. Today, take a look at the price of the dollar and the rouble in terms of various BRIC nations. Will commodity nations take the day by having their resources pegged to a reserve currency?

Keeping our eye on bitcoin, ether, Nigeria, Venezuela, Russia, India, and China.