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Martin Luther King, blacks, Vietnam, & Russia

Blacks have come a long way. On 4 April 1968, their civil rights warrior, Martin Luther King, Jr., was cut down by an assassin’s bullet while standing on a hotel balcony in Memphis. The Tet Offensive had only occurred three … Continue reading

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The Black community should marry wealth creation with utility consumption

The Black community is under-invested. Lower incomes and higher propensities to consume puts the Black community in the precarious position of paltry wealth accumulation.  The Black community also does not have significant ownership on a local level of any economic … Continue reading

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American government was never designed to help blacks

The emotional responses by black Americans to media’s depiction of Donald Trump is getting annoying. Black Americans drank a lot of the symbolism in the Obama Kool-Aid in the last eight years, so much so that using a portrait of … Continue reading

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The impermanence of the black American community

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines community as: “Any group living in the same area or having interests, work, common; the general public; a sharing in common.” The recent exchange between President Donald Trump and journalist April Ryan during a … Continue reading

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Black America’s Kumbaya Season

Kwanzaa tends to start what I call the “Kumbaya Season” for blacks in America. Throw in today’s scripted and canned Martin Luther King birthday activities and forecasting all of next month’s “Black American History Only Started After Slavery” observances, we … Continue reading

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Inner city reform won’t necessarily mean black economic empowerment

I live in the inner city. In the West End of Atlanta we don’t have a housing problem. For those who choose to live within the 30310 zip code, their demand for housing appears to be met. With the exception … Continue reading

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Blacks have not turned the symbolism of Obama into political capital

For the past eight years, black Americans have talked about the significance of the Obama presidency the way affluent blacks talk about buying a Cadillac or a Mercedes Benz. The opening of Ta-Nehisi Coates latest piece for The Atlantic (“My … Continue reading

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My last comment on #RachelDolezal

Rachel Dolezal’s “misappropriation” of black identity raises this question: What does it mean to be “black”? That Ms. Dolezal was able to “pass” as black, both culturally and physically should have members of society asking how substantive it is to … Continue reading

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America has a disease #BaltimoreRiots

America has a disease. Part of the illness lies in the hypocrisy and ineptness of its leadership. The disconnect between political and religious leadership with the masses is as palpable as rotting meat. These so-called “leaders” don’t have the gravitas … Continue reading

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Of ‪#‎Gentrification‬, ‪#‎capital‬, and moral arguments

Culture by definition is not expected to be static and when its eradication is sped up when capital seeks to occupy a vacuum. Culture, the skills, arts, etc., of a given people at a given time are, in my opinion, … Continue reading

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