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#Atlanta. The candidate that sells the better “bread and circuses” vision will be the next mayor

There is less than five months to go before Atlanta elects a new mayor. I don’t know who the municipal bond markets are betting on, but as a “tax farm” and an aggregator of comfort-seeking individuals, the candidate that best … Continue reading

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Janet Yellen’s real girl power and anarcho-capitalist life boats

The leaders of your country are making moves on behalf of their constituents. Don’t get excited. By now you should know I’m not talking about the verbose blow-fart sitting in a cushy chair in some government office suite. I’m talking … Continue reading

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Of bondholders and tax farmers …

No bondholder wants less taxes collected. They want more taxes collected as a result of increased output per worker, entrepreneur, or corporation. The more people included in the workforce and the more capital made available to workers, the greater the … Continue reading

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