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The best corporate form is no corporate form

I’ve been giving a little thought to the appropriate corporate form for voluntarysts. The best form, in my opinion, is no corporate form at all. A voluntaryst’s business association should reflect either her willingness to go out alone as a … Continue reading

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Minorities should seek a bigger slice of the new media pie … as investors and owners

The digital divide argument, that there is a disparity between non-whites and whites when it comes to broadband access, is losing its mojo for me. While broadband access for minority households via hard line may fall behind that of white … Continue reading

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Trump’s 15% tax ain’t happening

Dear Trump-Pets. As a self-employed consultant, I support a 15% marginal tax on pass-throughs. Is it going to happen? No. Paul Ryan and Company won’t allow it and Nancy Pelosi and her minions will message negatively on the idea, calling … Continue reading

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Trump’s cabinet appointments are a bitch slap to the face of the State

American democracy allows entrepreneurs and traders to balance the power held by the “strongman” or “the State” against the power held by the masses. Entrepreneurs and traders want as much unimpeded access to capital that the United States has to … Continue reading

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Is capital abandoning the entrepreneur as well?

Where small firms have suffered low rates of business formation, lukewarm employment growth, and near stagnant growth in employee wages, is there public policy that can reignite entrepreneurship? Politicians on the left and right have been touting the virtues of … Continue reading

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Export-Import Bank: What good is a government if it can’t allocate #capital?

The downside of a society that is more narrative driven versus data driven is the resulting bandwagon effect.  Someone has a problem with a policy or a program and without one iota of quantitative analysis or data they go on … Continue reading

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If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t let #SherylSandberg near her

My very first memory was standing in my great-aunt’s store in the Irishtown section of Basseterre, St. Kitts. I say my great aunt’s store because although she owned it along with her husband, I knew from the age of three … Continue reading

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A side note on #Christmas shopping

Three of the coolest gifts I ever received during the holiday season were a model of a B-17 Flying Fortress; The Star Trek Compendium; and a copy of Sting‘s greatest hits. All three were given to me by my step-daughter. What … Continue reading

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Atlanta city council committee likes @InvestAtlanta’s inventory tax preemption idea

Invest Atlanta staff drove home the importance of economic development during their presentation of two items before the Atlanta City Council’s Finance/Executive Committee. First, Investor Atlanta staff introduced a proposed ordinance that would introduce a 100% free port tax exemption … Continue reading

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#Federal #government #shutdown: A slow morning at McDonalds

Usually the drive-through line of the McDonald’s restaurant on Ralph Abernathy is pretty long during a school day morning.  Parents drop their kids to school and then hit Mickey Dees for a coffee, sandwich, or whatever floats their boat.  It’s … Continue reading

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