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American influence in Asia is dead

American influence in Asia is dead. The Trans Pacific Partnership initiative to open up further trade in Asia was a disaster. Now the icing on the cake is China’s crafty positioning regarding the U.S. spat with North Korea. China is … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, China, and bond markets

Bill Clinton once observed that the key to re-election was to keep the bond markets happy. China is betting on the bond markets as well. Lighting up the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea subsequent to a U.S. “preemptive … Continue reading

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So now the left-wing media cares about #China?

I find it interesting how now all of a sudden the left gives a shit about China’s feelings. So #DonaldTrump spoke with Taiwan. And? Is #China, the world’s second largest economy, a country that is about to fill the vacuum … Continue reading

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With China’s slow down, should Trump still have a beef

Donald Trump’s displeasure with Chinese economic policy is well documented. Mr. Trump takes issue with China’s devaluation of its currency; their determination to make their exports cheaper than American goods; and the impact a devalued Chinese currency has on America’s … Continue reading

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Romney should heed Nixon’s words of wisdom

I remember watching President Richard Nixon and his wife Pat stepping off of Air Force One in China.  It was the first time an American president paid a visit to the communist nation.  I didn’t understand everything that was happening given that … Continue reading

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