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Sloane Stephens blah blah blah. Talk of diversity in 2017 should be embarrassing…

Sloane Stephens won today’s women’s U.S. Open final. Congrats to her. Her performance was near flawless. Television announcers and analysts have a tendency to step on the moment, adding their spin on an event that half the planet witnesses for … Continue reading

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Politics is not for mental or emotional therapy

The biggest political mistake that black voters make is to use politics as a form of emotional therapy. ‘We shall overcome.’ ‘Speak truth to power.’ ‘Keep hope (and hype) alive.’ ‘Suing for social justice.’ All these initiatives whether pursued in … Continue reading

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Of the State, the Klan, Netizens, and #netneutrality

I just finished listening to Federal Communications Commission member Mignon Clyburn make the argument for more State intervention in the digital data markets during an event sponsored by civil rights group Color of Change. Ms Clyburn’s remarks provided a foundation … Continue reading

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On #religiousfreedom and #gaymarriage

For my slightly right of center friends who are still sucking down Pepto Bismol after today’s Supreme Court ruling: You are conflating “right to religious principles” with wanting the rest of the world to be submissive to your religious narrative. … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom Restoration Act: Let the consumer gods take care of the consequences

The progressive branch of the political elite have been spinning the narrative that Indiana’s brazen version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is a license for commercial interests to discriminate against certain social groups, most notably the gay community.  Mike … Continue reading

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The dead have already had their turn ….

I get weary of and wary when community leaders start touting the virtues of knowing history. Makes no difference if it’s a conservative touting the questionable virtues of the Framers of the Constitution, or a progressive reminding us how liberating … Continue reading

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Of “‪#‎Selma‬”, ‪#‎media‬ manipulation, and discussions of true value.

Once again the main stream media has borrowed the advice of Heath Ledger’s “Joker” and has created insanity among the socio-economic group known as “black” people by carefully coordinating two events, the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday and the … Continue reading

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You’re not American. It’s okay

It’s understandable to want to “belong.”  Waving your country’s flag means you’re happy to be a part of a group connected by the freedoms associated with consumer choice, political participation, and personal expression, with as little overt regulation as possible. … Continue reading

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#Ferguson, Missouri: Why are we surprised when a snake bites?

One of the benefits of my ban on broadcast or cable news is that I am less inundated by biased coverage of news events.  I would hate to see how Fox News or MSNBC are skewing the events occurring in … Continue reading

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Forty million dollars was not enough, #NewYorkCity

Yesterday after my son’s performance at the neighborhood arts center, I decided to treat him to a Frosty. “I want a Frosty shake, Dad.” It was Friday so I said what the heck. We enter the restaurant and on a … Continue reading

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