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To produce and consume

To produce and to consume are integral to any human’s basic survival. The right and the left have managed to turn these functions into political enterprises by pitting consumer against producer; by creating producer interests and consumer rights. In short, … Continue reading

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The best corporate form is no corporate form

I’ve been giving a little thought to the appropriate corporate form for voluntarysts. The best form, in my opinion, is no corporate form at all. A voluntaryst’s business association should reflect either her willingness to go out alone as a … Continue reading

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The anarcho-capitalist perspective on net neutrality. Keep the State out

Today the Federal Communications Commission voted on a notice of proposed rule making that repeals net neutrality rules put in place by the Commission in 2015. The rules classified broadband access services as a telecommunications service, taking it out of … Continue reading

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Springfield has to sell its social policy on foreclosures to the state court

The United States Court of Appeals-First Circuit yesterday addressed the growing issue of how local communities should tackle the continuing after effects of the foreclosure crisis that stemmed from the Great Recession of 2007. In the matter of Easthampton Savings … Continue reading

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The ying and yang of government

People join societies to protect their individual self-interests: self-interest in defense, resolution of fraud, and protection of personal and real property. The minority forms government (usually in the name of the majority) in order to keep the majority in check. … Continue reading

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If I were a big bank, I wouldn’t lend you money either

I hate when politicians try to make “too big to fail” about whiny consumers who couldn’t get a loan to finish a deck that overlooks their backyard.  The concept raised its head again during a Senate sub-committee hearing on J.P. … Continue reading

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Eshoo wants more clarity from wireless carriers

According to The, Representative Anna Eshoo, Democrat of California, wants cell phone companies to provide consumers with more clarity regarding terms, conditions, and pricing in their cell phone agreements.  It looks like Congresswoman Eshoo and her compatriots in the … Continue reading

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Joining the Susan Crawford pile on

Susan P. Crawford has been drawing the ire of the broadband sector lately with the recent release of her book, “Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the Gilded Age.”  Out of fairness i will not criticize the … Continue reading

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Google-Motorola: The FTC stepped in because the sector failed to regulate itself

The Federal Trade Commission today told Google to behave itself and stick to its patent obligations, determining that there was not enough evidence to bring a legal action against Google.  The FTC’s mission is to protect competition, not to target … Continue reading

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CFPB should focus on consumer financial strengthening

CFPB should focus on consumer financial strengthening.

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