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To produce and consume

To produce and to consume are integral to any human’s basic survival. The right and the left have managed to turn these functions into political enterprises by pitting consumer against producer; by creating producer interests and consumer rights. In short, … Continue reading

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Investing in reliability benefits shareholders and ratepayers alike

Growing up in the U.S. Virgin Islands, I could give you some tales about the reliability of our electricity grid. Blackouts were monthly, unannounced, unexpected. They could last through the night and when power came back on, one kept their … Continue reading

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What does #society want from the food insecure

It’s Thursday morning and the West Hunter Baptist Church’s parking lot has a line of people growing, waiting for a distribution from a local food bank.  In the meantime, USA Today reporter Marisol Bello is making an appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington … Continue reading

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Question is, why does #government have to regulate #cable #sports black outs

The Federal Communications Commission is seeking comment on whether it has the authority to eliminate its sports black out rules. These rules prevent cable companies, satellite companies, and open video network companies (typically local exchange companies) from importing a signal carrying a … Continue reading

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A side note on #Christmas shopping

Three of the coolest gifts I ever received during the holiday season were a model of a B-17 Flying Fortress; The Star Trek Compendium; and a copy of Sting‘s greatest hits. All three were given to me by my step-daughter. What … Continue reading

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Striking the balance between public management and private management of society’s vision

One of the problems administrative agencies face is the need to be legitimate or relevant. There is the urge to justify budgets by creating new programs that hopefully the public will recognize as beneficial hence worth the dollar expenditures.  Administrative … Continue reading

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The ying and yang of government

People join societies to protect their individual self-interests: self-interest in defense, resolution of fraud, and protection of personal and real property. The minority forms government (usually in the name of the majority) in order to keep the majority in check. … Continue reading

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I’m less and less impressed with technology

In this glitzy, fast-paced world of new technology what I’m about to say is sacrilege, but I’m really not impressed with a lot of what is being produced, especially by the media darlings such as Yahoo!, Facebook, and Google.  In … Continue reading

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Overturning Bloomberg’s soda ban doesn’t threaten parental freedom to raise healthy kids

“Unless we’re prepared to deny, against all evidence, that the environment powerfully influences children’s choices, we’re forced to conclude that rejecting Mr. Bloomberg’s proposal significantly curtails parents’ freedom to achieve the perfectly reasonable goal of raising healthy children. Why should … Continue reading

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Why not require borrowers put down 100% toward a mortgage?

An article in The Hill’s On the Money section describes an alliance of sorts between lenders and consumer advocates who are expressing concerns about the negative impact stricter down payment rules would have on middle and low income borrowers seeking … Continue reading

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