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How do I take care of myself when government says I shouldn’t?

Yesterday I saw Nancy Pelosi on television giving the press her response to Republican efforts to significantly amend the Affordable Care Act. I zoned out as she attempted to describe the benefits some Americans would lose should the Republicans have … Continue reading

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Investing in reliability benefits shareholders and ratepayers alike

Growing up in the U.S. Virgin Islands, I could give you some tales about the reliability of our electricity grid. Blackouts were monthly, unannounced, unexpected. They could last through the night and when power came back on, one kept their … Continue reading

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AT&T should share content with consumers, not carriers

Critics of AT&T’s proposed hook up with Time Warner frequently refer to the fear that AT&T will either market its content to its subscribers at the cost of steering consumers away from non-affiliated content or not grant other carriers access … Continue reading

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What does #society want from the food insecure

It’s Thursday morning and the West Hunter Baptist Church’s parking lot has a line of people growing, waiting for a distribution from a local food bank.  In the meantime, USA Today reporter Marisol Bello is making an appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington … Continue reading

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The new soylent green

We are seeing a revolution in the economy.  I say revolution because the rule recognized by the majority of an economy’s consumers is that an economy’s benefits will flow to the masses primarily through job growth as the economy produces … Continue reading

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#TMobile: Value, free, and transparency

This morning while getting my laundry out of the dryer in my apartment complex’s laundry room, I saw a bunch of hangars laying on a folding table with a note saying, “free hangars”.  I immediately thought of the word value … Continue reading

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I’m less and less impressed with technology

In this glitzy, fast-paced world of new technology what I’m about to say is sacrilege, but I’m really not impressed with a lot of what is being produced, especially by the media darlings such as Yahoo!, Facebook, and Google.  In … Continue reading

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Overturning Bloomberg’s soda ban doesn’t threaten parental freedom to raise healthy kids

“Unless we’re prepared to deny, against all evidence, that the environment powerfully influences children’s choices, we’re forced to conclude that rejecting Mr. Bloomberg’s proposal significantly curtails parents’ freedom to achieve the perfectly reasonable goal of raising healthy children. Why should … Continue reading

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Consumers are driving the move to IP networks. The FCC should follow suit.

A couple days ago I wrote a piece for describing in, hopefully, layman’s terms what digital technology is, and how consumers are leading the transition from analog (legacy) based services to services provided via an Internet protocol (IP) network. … Continue reading

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If I were a big bank, I wouldn’t lend you money either

I hate when politicians try to make “too big to fail” about whiny consumers who couldn’t get a loan to finish a deck that overlooks their backyard.  The concept raised its head again during a Senate sub-committee hearing on J.P. … Continue reading

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