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Minorities should seek a bigger slice of the new media pie … as investors and owners

The digital divide argument, that there is a disparity between non-whites and whites when it comes to broadband access, is losing its mojo for me. While broadband access for minority households via hard line may fall behind that of white … Continue reading

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Using broadband to create a data trade

Proponents of connecting more people to the internet via a high-speed connection should consider the, “and …what else?” response from consumers who have not yet taken the broadband plunge. The violation of data privacy these consumers hear about may be … Continue reading

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Do politicians have the “ear to the ground, I can hear the train coming” skills to spot trends?

Job opportunities over the next two decades are projected to require highly specialized skills including, as I mentioned in a post yesterday, quantitative skills, a lack of which may have some people holding permanent pink slips. Some 3.5 million jobs … Continue reading

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The market alone should be enough of an indicator on #privacy, Mr. #Obama

President Obama shared earlier this week an attempt at empathizing with those concerned about the sharing by Internet and telecommunications companies of private communications data with the United States government.  Mr. Obama tried to convey that we should expect to … Continue reading

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@FCC. Why the delay in the #IPtransition trials?

Late last week. the Federal Communications Commission issued a public notice seeking comments on proposed trials for evaluating the transition from legacy wireline networks to wireless; from copper networks to fiber networks; and from time-division multiplexing to Internet protocol. According … Continue reading

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@FTC versus @FCC

Federal Trade Commission member Joshua Wright made a speech almost two weeks ago laying out an argument for a different framework for regulating the market for broadband services.  Not only did he present a different framework, but also made the … Continue reading

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Time for @FCC to show that it is truly #consumer centric

Former administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Larry Irving, wrote a blog post documenting statistics detailing how more American households today are wireless only households versus households tethered to copper line networks. My eleven year old is quickly … Continue reading

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A number of Congressmen let @FCC know they want multiple #auction participants

The Federal Communications Commission today posted a letter sent from a members of Congress requesting that the FCC not promulgate rules that would favor smaller carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile. Among the signatories were Fred Upton, Republican of Michigan … Continue reading

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#Netneutrality gets rid of the weigh stations on the #Internet to the detriment of the Internet

Fred Campbell recently wrote a blog post that not only brought back memories of the old Internet service providers of the 1990s and the treatment of services used to access them, including POTS and ISDN, but also had me thinking … Continue reading

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My eleven year old gets #ecommerce

Yesterday was my son’s eleventh birthday.  He received a Kindle Fire for his present and immediately took to navigating its features.  One thing that amazed me was the speed at which he learned how to use it.  He figured out … Continue reading

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