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Random thoughts on value of college degree

About 20 years ago I noticed a trend in Florida state government where secretaries were going back to school to get their BS degrees. They had gone from secretaries to administrative assistants seemingly overnight as the demands of their positions … Continue reading

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Stop Lying to Your Kids About #College

What keeps colleges in business is a prospective employer’s desire to adhere to a narrative that proof of knowledge is best evidenced by some certification in the form of a transcript or a diploma. That model is slowly being eroded … Continue reading

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Do politicians have the “ear to the ground, I can hear the train coming” skills to spot trends?

Job opportunities over the next two decades are projected to require highly specialized skills including, as I mentioned in a post yesterday, quantitative skills, a lack of which may have some people holding permanent pink slips. Some 3.5 million jobs … Continue reading

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Your kids should not have to pay for #college

The Cato Institute’s Mark Tanner posted comments recently about an alternative policy approach for combating poverty.  He said that: “It would make sense therefore to shift our anti-poverty efforts from government programs that simply provide money or goods and services … Continue reading

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Allow free markets to release #college #athletes from bondage

It’s time to replace the amateur college athletics system with an entertainment business model. Allow colleges to establish a professional athletic club where the athletes are employees of the college. Contract with the employee-athlete for a maximum five years and … Continue reading

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Why “God” does not make for good public education #policy

Public policy is like the white ball you use to knock the other balls on the pool table into the holes on the side.  I admit that’s about all I know about pool, but I use the analogy to describe … Continue reading

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Elementary schools need art

According to a PBS NewsHour article aired a few minutes ago, 50% of art teachers teach at two or more elementary schools. A lot of emphasis on Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) education, but without art, engineers would be walking, … Continue reading

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Yes. The way #teachers are compensated is archaic

In an article published today in The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Emily Lembeck, superintendent of the 8,000-student City of Marietta school district, was quoted as observing that the system’s teacher compensation system is “archaic.”  Ms. Lembeck believes that pay based on … Continue reading

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#Obama addresses information asymmetry in #college education markets

President Obama has been on a bus tour through New York and Pennsylvania touting a rating system for the nation’s colleges and universities.  The social goal behind this latest public policy proposal is to help make college education more affordable. … Continue reading

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#Education as bottleneck and the herd mentality

Our #education system is messed up because we teach to a test & not to our students’ passions. We teach to feeding our colleges and universities with fresh faces and bodies while not accepting that our colleges and universities are … Continue reading

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