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No, American laborer. It’s not your job. #DACA #immigration

I always find it amazing when Americans express anger towards immigrants who come into the United States and take “their jobs.” If it is “your job”, why did you allow someone to take it? If a mechanism for compensation is … Continue reading

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Jobs report: Full employment, political capital, & inflationary pressure

At 4.6%, the unemployment rate is no reason for doing a victory dance, not when you consider the continuing decrease in the number of people in the labor force. This includes not only those who are employed, but the unemployed … Continue reading

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Let’s give labor and the producer the full credit

The U.S. Department of Labor today release its Jobs Situation Report. The labor market saw an increase of 242,000 and the unemployment rate remained at 4.9%, the traditional indicator of full employment. I suspect the Obama supporters will heap praises … Continue reading

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To best understand the economy, replace government with self?

The Republican presidential debate on 10 November 2015 did little to enlighten me on how these candidates view the role of American government in the economy. Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, shared with us that he intended to eliminate … Continue reading

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Export-Import Bank: What good is a government if it can’t allocate #capital?

The downside of a society that is more narrative driven versus data driven is the resulting bandwagon effect.  Someone has a problem with a policy or a program and without one iota of quantitative analysis or data they go on … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on #HobbyLobby

There are two takeaways from the case. First, the state’s mission is to use government as a redistribution mechanism for wealth. This is why factions, left, right, and center, battle for control of government every two years. In the case … Continue reading

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The long term #unemployed. #economy #capital

Binyamin Appelbaum recently posted a piece in The New York Times’ Economix blog regarding the job prospects for the long-term unemployed.  A significant number of the long term unemployed are not white, a little older, and a little more educated.  Employers, right or wrong, … Continue reading

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Maybe we #capital-less need a more #capitalist mindset

For the past couple weeks new of Russia’s occupation of Crimea, a section of Ukraine, has dominated the news.  Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, allegedly would like to see Russia return to its Cold War superpower status by creating a zone … Continue reading

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The #Black Community. And Therein Lies the Problem

What would statists, especially progressives, do if black Americans did not view themselves as a community?  What if there were no black leadership that kept the black political mindset corralled continuously through each election cycle?  What we might end up … Continue reading

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Comment on #Obama post-SOTU jobs tour

As the President continues his post State of the Union tour, I ask myself, what is missing from the training we receive in our schools.  I have observed that what we are missing, whether in pre-school or in graduate school … Continue reading

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